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Sacred Heart Primary School, Belfast, Co Antrim

Who's who

Sacred Heart Boys’ PS boasts a team of extremely

hard-working, dedicated, caring and committed staff.


Mrs Smyth  -  Principal

Ms Kelly - Vice Principal 

Ms Kelly– P7 Teacher

Miss Carberry – P6 Teacher

Mr Carter- P5 Teacher

Mrs McNeill - P4 Teacher

Miss Morris – P3 Teacher

Miss Smyth – P2 Teacher

Miss Neeson - P1 Teacher


Mrs Connolly - Nurture Teacher

Mrs Graham - Autistic Spectrum Class

Ms Mc Bride - Numeracy Booster Class

Ms Ward - Literacy Detectives Sessions


Mrs McAtamney-Secretary


Mr Robert Creen -Caretaker

Mrs Mary Mullan - Lunch Supervisor

Miss Orlagh Mc Neill - Lunch Supervisor

Ms Mary Ryan - Lunch Supervisor


Classroom Assistants

Miss Laura Moran

Miss Aaliyah Scullion

Mrs Jennifer Curley

Mrs Lena Quigley

Mrs Maura Lyttle

Miss Joanne Connolly

Ms Alison Guilar

Mrs Joanne Davison

Miss Niamh McNally

Miss Shauna Rogan

Miss Nicole McNally

Miss Shannon McAtamney

Mr Paul Privilege

Miss Chloe Markey